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The comfort and serenity of Rancho Alegre Lodge provides a backdrop for lifelong memories and traditions. The perfect blend of Eastern ambiance and gracious hospitality of the West offer year-round enjoyment for all who gather at this home away from home.

Rancho Alegre Lodge carries her name from the Southern California Ranch owned by early Spanish settlers, the Sepulvedas. The house is rich in history, built in 1951 by the Hufsmiths, a family known in Wyoming for their artistic talents and pioneering spirit. It is one of the oldest houses south of Jackson and was designed by a well known east coast architect, William Thompson, who fashioned it after his own Cape Cod home. Many architectural changes have been made since, but the New England saltbox style has been retained. 

Nearly three decades passed before the home reached the hands of a Dutchman and a New England lady. The two envisioned the Hufsmith family home into the Rancho Alegre Lodge we know today. They purchased the property in 1981 and began remodeling the 1,800 square foot original home to a 10,000 square foot lodge. In 1988, they opened the doors of Rancho Alegre Lodge to the public and operated the property as a bed and breakfast.

In 1994, after spending several holidays in the Teton Valley, Frank Reilly fell upon the Rancho Alegre property. Frank and brother, Tom, had an interest in Jackson Hole, mainly for the unsurpassed powder that Jackson Hole’s ski seasons offer and the majestic beauty of the area. Frank decided the best way to know a place was to experience it, so he checked into the lodge as a guest for a month. Immediately, he fell in love with the property and the house. Shortly thereafter, he became the proud owner of Rancho Alegre Lodge.

Since July 1995, thousands of guests have come to Rancho Alegre Lodge to experience all that Jackson Hole has to offer. There is no better way to enjoy this valley than to experience it from a hill-top with awe inspiring 360 degree mountain views and the comforts and charm of this gracious home.

As a licensed Bed & Breakfast, Rancho Alegre Lodge complies with the Teton County Building and Planning Department’s policy on short-term rentals in Jackson Hole, WY.   

For more information and to ensure a memorable visit to the Jackson Hole area, visit

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